Rebecca Pout General Manager Camden

Rebecca Pout General Manager Camden

interview of Rebecca Pout

Would you rather hit a diner with Seinfeld or Agent Dale Cooper?

Seinfeld – Dale Cooper always made me feel a little creepy.

Which movie features the most enticing diner?

Back to the Future – 1 and 2.

If you had to grab coffee with a diner waitress or waiter from a movie who would it be and why?

The waitress from Pulp Fiction who corrects Bunny with ‘Garcon means boy’…. How did she know that? I didn’t know that…and what the hell was she thinking correcting those lunatics?

What from the Diner menu would be your final death-row meal?

RR Hardshake, wings and diner fries. Then the banana pancakes. Then maybe some more wings.

Describe your first memory of eating out.

I remember going to a family dinner in Carlton, Melbourne Australia which is renowned for great Italian restaurants. We had been at a family members graduation – there was a huge table of us and I remember this is the first time I was allowed to order for myself and my Dad poured me a small glass of wine. The atmosphere of the restaurant was buzzing, and we were the last to leave…that may have been the first time but it wasn’t the last.

If you were reincarnated as a foodstuff, what might that be?

Dark bitter chocolate.

What non-food ingredients make for a memorable dining experience?

Conversation. And good lighting. Good lighting is key to all.

Make a playlist of songs to accompany a meal made of cocktail, starter, main course and dessert .

Cocktail – Bonnie and Clyde (Brigitte Bardot) Starter – La Ritournelle (Sebastien Tellier) Main – Love in a Trashcan (The Raveonettes) Dessert – Black Coffee (Peggy Lee)

On a dream night of fun time activities, what would you do after dinner?

I may be getting too old for fun time activities – I love to take a long walk through the city when it is deserted. The architecture is amazing… That’s the PG version…and that’s all you’re getting.

How close is the UK to replicating US diner culture?

Some Diners are doing better than others but the great thing is how the customer is really getting in to the Diner spirit. There seems to be more of an understanding from the UK guys in what we are doing which is great!

Do you have any tips on first-date-at-a-restaurant etiquette?

Don’t do shots. Never do shots.

Where in the world have you had the most interesting or educational foodie experience?

Seriously…When I went to my first Diner the first time I went to NY and had corned beef hash. Life just wasn’t the same after that.

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