Matt Ford General Manager Diner Soho

Matt Ford General Manager Diner Soho

interview of Matt Ford

Would you rather hit a diner with Seinfeld or Agent Dale Cooper?

Dale Cooper

Which movie features the most enticing diner?

Got to be the classic in Back to the future

If you had to grab coffee with a diner waitress or waiter from a movie who would it be and why?

Max from two broke girls

What from the Diner menu would be your final death-row meal?

Buttermilk fried Chicken & Waffles, Chilli Cheese fries washed down with a chocolate and pistachio shake

Describe your first memory of eating out.

Had a small grill restaurant in my home town that was always good on a family birthday, played some wacky jazz in there too

If you were reincarnated as a foodstuff, what might that be?

The juiciest piece of Steak you can imagine

What non-food ingredients make for a memorable dining experience?

Great company, non-intrusive music, knowledgeable, attentive but not fussy service

Make a playlist of songs to accompany a meal made of cocktail, starter, main course and dessert.

Cocktail – Queens of the stone age – Go with the flow Starter – Fat Freddys Drop – Ernie Main – Something smooth from Frank Sinatra Dessert – Lana Del Ray – young and beautiful

On a dream night of fun time activities, what would you do after dinner?

Get on a private jet with a gang of my closest friends, hit up some where like Barcelona or Paris for the night, few cocktails then back home.

How close is the UK to replicating US diner culture?

Its close, putting our own ideas and a spin on the US diner creates a unique experience, we are in London after all.

Do you have any tips on first-date-at-a-restaurant etiquette?

Treat the server nicely, pick up the bill & tip handsomely.

Where in the world have you had the most interesting or educational foodie experience?

Love the street markets in Singapore – food was unreal

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