Independence Day 2019

Time to wrap yourself in the red, white & blue because Independence Day is hitting our Diners for another year. We’ve prepared a menu of unique sandwiches inspired by the best tastes in the good ol’ USA. Check them out below:

The Shrimp Po’Boy:
We’ve perfected our take on this New Orleans classic originally coined by the Martin brothers who would serve striking workers ‘poor boy sandwiches’ (which in a Louisiana dialect is shortened to po’boy) Deep fried shrimp smothered in tartar sauce housed in a hoagie with tomato & gem lettuce makes for one soul-filled sandwich.

The Reuben:

This sandwich has so many origin stories but our favourite is that during a heated poker game at the Blackstone Hotel, Reuben Kulakofsky whipped up a version of this for one of the game’s players (hotel owner Charles Schimmel) who loved it so much he added it to the Blackstone’s menu where it grew to be the sandwich legend we know today. A heap of pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & gherkin between two slices of toasted rye is a mood that we are certainly here for.

The BBQ Beef Brisket:

This mighty meaty sandwich has ties back to the Old Norse times hailing from the phrase ‘brjosk’ meaning you can feel like a proper Viking when you chow down on roasted beef brisket, pickled veggies & spicy BBQ sauce in a cholla roll.

The Vuban (Vegan Cuban!):

Ever since we launched our Vegan menu in our Strand Diner way back in 2017, we’ve always wanted to deliver that down & dirty Diner taste for our Vegan customers & this Independence Day is no exception. We’ve veganized the classic Cuban sandwich to feature a fork load of pulled BBQ jackfruit, vegan cheese, mustard, vegan gravy & gherkins & all housed in a hoagie roll.

All sandwiches are available for £9.95 at all Diners from 6pm on July 3rd & all day on the 4th so make sure to head to us to celebrate your Dinerpendence Day!


Independence Day 2019

Independence Day is hitting our Diners for another year!

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