Halloween 2018

This year, The Diner is creepin’ it real with some terrible tricks, but mainly tasty treats. As darkness falls across the land, we bid farewell to Summer evenings, and welcome Autumn through gritted fangs.

One of the many pangs of adulthood is realizing that it’s no longer acceptable to go trick-or-treating for free candy or sweets. So, we have provided you with the perfect solution; food & boo-ze. Let’s meet the monsters…

Texas Chicken Massacre Burger:

“I ate his liver with some fava beans & a nice Chianti.” Conjured from the tastiest depths of Hell, this Burger consists of a fried buttermilk chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, chili mango salsa all housed inside a black sesame bun. Don’t forget your chainsaw because it’s going to be a massacre!

Vegan Demon Burger:

“What an excellent day for a delicious exorcism.” You can be a vegan this October, & still be a psycho killer, with the menacing Vegan Demon Burger. This time, Satan has summoned our signature vegan patty with pickled red cabbage, hot queso cheese & crunchy tortilla chips inside a poppy-seed bun. Participating in Ouija board activities post-eating is advised but not compulsory.

Hell’s Challenge Burger:

“Be afraid, be very afraid….and hungry!” Available only on October 31st, we have the best of the beasts. Our devilish 10oz beef patty with blue cheese, spicy mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle & the famously fiendish Psycho Killer Drops. If you can finish the Burger & a side of our flaming Rings of Fire within 10 minutes, you’ll get a case of Camden Hells for your efforts. Booking (& a strong stomach) is definitely advised for this one!

The Texas Chicken Massacre Burger, Vegan Demon Burger & Rings of Fire will be available at all Diners from October 27th until October 31st with the Hell’s Challenge exclusively available on the 31st with booking strongly advised.


Halloween 2018

Prepare yourself for a scare this Halloween at The Diner!