Diner Pride

I know what you’re thinking…
Here we go, another company jumping on the Pride bandwagon. You can just see it; the marketing team sitting around scratching their heads, thinking about how they can turn burgers and fries into burgers and pride.
Do you know what?
Fuck yeah! Jump on that rainbow bandwagon. Ride it into the sunset. And love every minute of that journey. Because at The Diner, the LGBT community is massive part of OUR community.

What is love? (baby don’t hurt me)
LOVE is finding someone who you want to share your hanger fries with <3

At The Diner, we ask our staff to be one thing, themselves. Whether you are gay, straight, trans, queer, vegan, veggie, butch, femme, black, white, or wear a beanie every day of the year despite the 30+ degree heat, we LOVE you. We PRIDE ourselves (pun intended), on inviting our staff and customers alike to express themselves in every which way they can. Feed your soul with love and pancakes, be yourself, and be bold and be-you-tiful.

Our Shoreditch site was birthed to Curtain Road in 2005. It was the noughties, so think low rise cargo pants and corduroy baker boy hats and you’re somewhere between Britney and High School Musical. We didn’t have RuPaul’s Drag Race, we didn’t even have Twitter, but what Shoreditch had and will always have, is gender neutral toilets.  We welcome London’s diversity with a warm hug and a tasty beer.

Time to get real with the Rainbows
Sharing is Caring

This year we’ve partnered up with Mosaic LGBT Trust, an organization that seeks to inspire, support and educate London’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans youth. To help promote all the great work that Mosaic Youth Centre are doing, this year we are bringing back our ol’ favourite, the Rainbow Bun Burger (made by our friends over at Rinkoff Bakery), and for every beautiful burger sold, we will donate £1 to Mosaic.

Last week we visited the team to get a first-hand experience of their efforts to provide mentorship and advice to London’s youth. The centre is a safe space for discussions about mental and sexual health, domestic abuse and issues of identity and gender. The team hold events throughout the year, including camping trips, under 18 parties and Pride prom, and you can also catch them this weekend marching in the parade through central London!

The <3 of London
Don’t go breaking our hearts.

The celebration of Pride gets bigger and bolder with every year that passes. It is a marker of how far we have come as a global community to accept and embrace diversity. As our friend Hugh Grant once said, on the iconic film that has become a pillar of British cinema, “if you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.” Now more than ever, be PROUD to share in that love.

Whilst Pride is a day for celebration and self-expression, throughout the day’s festivities there will be people among us that might find the loud noises and big crowds of the parade overwhelming. If you need a helping hand, pop into our Strand or Soho branches for a break from the party. Come and grab a pride burger and a refreshing beverage to cool off, before you’re ready to jump back in.

We are proud to stand with London Pride!


Diner Pride

We are proud to stand with London Pride this year!