Independence Day 2018

Independence Day is just around the corner & we’re celebrating our Dinerpendence Day with a menu inspired by the best tastes in the good ol’ USA!

Lords Of Dogtown:
Beef frank covered with melted US cheese & diced peppers topped with fresh avo & French’s Mustard, paired with the Hawaiian-brewed Kona Big Wave.

The Lone Ranger:
Beef frank layered with US Swiss cheese & sauerkraut topped with spicy jalopeños & BBQ sauce, paired with Colorado-brewed Dale’s Pale Ale.

Coney Island:
Beef frank smothered in our beef chili recipe & sprinkled with fresh diced white onion topped with French’s Mustard, paired with the Brooklyn-brewed Brooklyn Lager.

Vegan Virgin Island:
Our Vegan Dog jam-packed with onions, ketchup, French’s Mustard & topped with a smothering of Diner Vegan bacon.

Get a Dog & matching Beer for £10 available at all of our Diners this July 4th. Booking is advised for this sell-out day so make sure you head over to our locations page to book with your chosen Diner.


The Strand Is Open!

So pleased to finally be open on the Strand!