Independence Day 2018

Independence Day is just around the corner & we’re celebrating our Dinerpendence Day with a menu inspired by the best tastes in the good ol’ USA!

Lords Of Dogtown:
Beef frank covered with melted US cheese & diced peppers topped with fresh avo & French’s Mustard, paired with the Hawaiian-brewed Kona Big Wave.

The Lone Ranger:
Beef frank layered with US Swiss cheese & sauerkraut topped with spicy jalopeños & BBQ sauce, paired with Colorado-brewed Dale’s Pale Ale.

Coney Island:
Beef frank smothered in our beef chili recipe & sprinkled with fresh diced white onion topped with French’s Mustard, paired with the Brooklyn-brewed Brooklyn Lager.

Vegan Virgin Island:
Our Vegan Dog jam-packed with onions, ketchup, French’s Mustard & topped with a smothering of Diner Vegan bacon.

Get a Dog & matching Beer for £10 available at all of our Diners this July 4th. Booking is advised for this sell-out day so make sure you head over to our locations page to book with your chosen Diner.


Pancake Day 2019

Book your table for Pancake Day at The Diner!