Merry Christmas everyone from the Diners,

Our team of elves have been busier than ever this year in the lead up to Christmas 2017. We have all had the classic turkey sandwich or the gimmick roast beef burger with roast veg. This year we thought we would do something a little different.

Over the years the Diner has created some unique specials that have wowed the crowds. We thought why not bring some of these back as a gift to you this Christmas.

We put a handful of specials to the vote on social media and the people responded, in their masses!!

The Winners were a couple stalwarts of Diner menus past, The Juicy Lucy and Red Velvet Pancakes.

The Juicy Lucy,  A 8oz pulled pork patty with layers of creamy oozing cheese in the centre, all stack up in a smooth Brioche bun, the perfect winter warmer.

Our London famous red velvet pancakes, first made their debut a few years ago on national pancake day and from then on have been pleasing the crowds as a special every time it comes back. Lush fluffy pancakes, stacked as high as you like, covered in a creme fraiche and sharpe berry compote.

These two specials are available in all sites from the 11th of December until the 24th.

Merry Christmas from all of the team at the Diners.

Below are the opening hours for the Diners through the festive break

Diner Xmas Hours


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