Halloween 2016

Our favourite American holiday is BACK and we’re ready to celebrate with you. We’re pretty committed to having a damn good time on Halloween and this year we’ve got a menu to match. All Diner sites will be serving up Pumpkin Oreo Shakes. Think pumpkin pie meets vanilla ice cream with a sprinkling of smashed Oreos served up lantern style. Pair that with a Shot Through the Heart (not literally, it’s a burger people). Our homemade patty, triple cheese (obvs) pickles, ketchup and burger sauce. And we’ve got a PARTY.

We’ll also be rockin’ with Deadmans Fingers, mozzarella sticks and vampire mayo. Psycho Fries, kinda self-explanatory but served up with blue cheese and hot sauce. Lastly a Chocolate Death, Hershey’s triple chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream and raspberry blood.

Check out the menu here


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