Shoreditch Exclusives

We opened Shoreditch in 2005. A simpler time. Twitter hadn’t even been founded yet, The Nokia N 70 was the hottest phone out and Tom Cruise was jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch.

It’s thanks to our regulars that we are still here 10 years later so we’ll be celebrating with a few one off Shoreditch exclusive dishes.

Starting 6th July with the Taco Crunch. Definitely our favourite burger of the year so far. It’s a 6oz Speyside beef patty topped with Queso cheese sauce, crunchy taco chips, diner burger sauce, pickles and caramelised onions. All served in perfect balance within a Rinkoff’s smooth bun.



New little fried thing on the menu – Frito Pie

You wouldn’t eat a whole bag in one sitting!

Date Night For One

Restaurants are for life, not just one night.