Date Night For One

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Facebook, Twitter, but mainly Instagram is full of selfies followed by the hashtag #datenight. Young lovers off to celebrate the fact they’re doing something outside the house, even though it’s a phrase I thought was reserved for those who are married who never get the chance to be together.

As someone who works behind the bar at The Diner, I have a lot of individual people sit up at the counter even on Saturday nights. This got me thinking about how London seems to be the only place in the UK where I see people going Han Solo and everyone is fine about it. I’m from Liverpool and apart from coffee shops, it was rare I saw someone go “fuck it, I’m gonna be my own date”.


This isn’t another article about being single and #foreveralone, it’s about enjoying being your own person. I’m in a relationship and sure, I go out for dinner with him all the time, but it’s not special occasion unless presents are involved. Restaurants are for life, not just one night.

You’d be surprised at how many different ways an egg can taste, and it can be disappointing to hear that someone hasn’t tried that new place on the corner because they have no one to go with. Go on your own and see how bloody lovely it is to spend time with yourself. Carrie Bradshaw once spoke about this in Sex and the City, so download it or something.

Chris, our COO has recently been in New York and here are his five picks if you find yourself soloing state side:

1. Harlem Shake

2. Buttermilk Channel

3. Fritzl’s Lunch Box

4. Sylvias

5.  Burger Joint

The last few places I’ve eaten, I’ve been 100% on my own. I’m on about being without any kind of book (the reading and Apple kind) and was left thinking “10/10. Would date again” about my own company. Don’t be afraid to eat out alone just because everyone around you isn’t.


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